Campaign Management Portal

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Mobile Metrics

Campaign Cycle

Stage 1

A dedicated account will be created for you, after you launch a new campaign from our Campaigns platform.

Stage 2

Our Support team will prep your new campaign submissions and design custom campaign for you.

Stage 3

A dedicated Customer Support staff will contact you to confirm the design of your campaign before deployment.

Stage 4

We will deploy your account in your Google ads account or a new account we created for you on our MCC.

Stage 5

At this stage we will make the final confirmation regarding billing, budget, scheduling and activate your ads.

Stage 6

New campaign(s) will undergo a 1 month free optimization, during which stage we make update foundational metrics.

Campaign Management

Optimization & Management

Every campaign, no matter how well setup it is, it needs to be monitored, both technical performance and also qualitative performance (ROI). Additionally, recommendations and updates need to be applied and these need an expert to know which ones to apply and which to dismiss. We optimize your campaign for the following variables:

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